19 feb. 2013

Una casa para convivir con la naturaleza

"La idea al diseñar esta casa era crear una casa simple en donde inculcarles a nuestros hijos el amor que tenemos por la naturaleza y el vivir de manera pausada. Nuestro mayor interés como arquitectos es el de la experiencia sensorial. La luz cambiante sobre las superficies, la brisa, los olores a madera y jardines, etc.". ////////////////////////////// "This house was designed for ourselves and our twins and is located on the ocean side of the Mornington Peninsula. Our brief was to create a simple house to nurture a love of nature within our children, and instill within them a desire to live slowly. With our work, as with this project, we are very interested in a phenomenological approach to design. One philosophical characteristic that binds all of the work of our practice is the importance placed on the full range of human and sensory experiences. The changing play of light on surfaces, the breezes that move through and around buildings, the touch and smell of walls and gardens, etc.".

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